Echo Ridge Golf

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The Upper Deck

Many people believe that our restaurant is "a private area, only for the golfers." Nothing could be further from the truth! We believe that you don't have to be a golfer to enjoy great food, and we would like everyone to give our menu a try! 

The fully licensed Upper Deck Restaurant at Echo Ridge is a popular dining spot, welcoming not only golfers but the general public as well. While having a meal, snack or just a cup of coffee, we offer the choice between relaxing in our comfortable dining room or enjoying the outdoors on our large deck featuring views of the golf course and the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley.

Please call 306-332-4653 for more information.




Bogey - 2 eggs, bacon, ham or sausage.  Served with hash browns and toast   9.5

Birdie - 1 egg, bacon, ham or sausage.  Served with toast   7

Deuce - 2 eggs, served with toast  6.5

Omelettes - a fluffy 2 egg omelette, cheddar, served with hash browns and toast

- Western - ham, bell peppers, green onion, mushrooms  11

- Loaded - assorted veggies, meats and cheese  12 

Scramblers - hash browns, covered with 2 scrambled eggs, topped with shredded cheddar and a side of toast

- Texas Scramble - sausage, bell peppers, green onion, salsa  10.5

- Loaded - assorted veggies, meats and cheese  12

Egger - Fried egg, cheese, ham or sausage on a toasted English Muffin  

Breakfast Poutine - Fries, cheese curds, gravy, bacon, cherry tomatoes, topped with a fried egg  8.5

Pancake Stack - 3 pancakes, maple syrup or fruit compote, and whipped cream  8.5

                                - add sausages or bacon for 2.5

Avocado Toast - Fresh Avocado, sliced tomato, and cucumber on two slices of toasted rye bread  7

Something Small...

                                  - toast - 2 slices 1.5

                                  - muffin  2

                                  - cold cereal  3

                                  - oatmeal  2.5

Burgers - served with choice of fries, garden salad 

Back 9 Burger - 2 quarter pound patties, Swiss and Cheddar cheese, 40 Creek BBQ Sauce, Deli mustard, mixed greens, and dill pickles,                                         topped with an onion ring.  Served on a toasted bun  12

the Masters Burger - 6 oz chopped chuck patty, with cheddar, bacon, red onion, tomato, lettuce, pickles and peppercorn ranch sauce on a                                   toasted bun  11

The Hangover Burger - 6 oz chopped chuck patty, ham, cheddar, red onion, mixed greens, mayo, hot sauce, and topped with a fried egg  12.5

Beyond Meat Burger - plant-based patty, tomato, mixed greens, red onion, mayo and pickles  on a blackened sesame seed bun 12

Cheeseburger - 1/4 pound patty, cheese, pickles and the "fixin's"  7.5

Hot & Cool chicken Burger - Breaded chicken filet, cucumber, tzatziki, lime-jalapeno aioli, mixed greens on a blackened sesame seed bun  12

Casual Favourites - served with choice of fries, garden salad or soup

Beef Dip - seasoned roast beef, on a toasted sub bun.  Served with au jus for dipping.  12

Rueben Sandwich - corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing on grilled rye bread  10

Clubhouse - triple decker favourite!  Turkey, ham, bacon, tomato, lettuce, mustard-mayo and cheddar  11

Classic BLT - three strips of crisp, smoked bacon, mayo, lettuce and tomato  8.5

Denver - fresh egg scrambled with diced ham, green onion and bell peppers on toasted bread  8.5

Flatbread Pizza - Artisan flatbread with our signature sauce, baked with your favourite toppings

                                                                - Margarita  8.5

                                                                - Veggie 7.5

                                                                - Pepperoni & Mushroom 8.5

Fish & Chips - a large 8 oz "Pub Cut" haddock fillet, deep fried in a crunchy beer batter.  Served with a side of hand-cut fries, coleslaw                                      and tartar sauce  12

Chicken Bites & Fries - Breaded chicken breast bites, hand-cut fries.  Served with dipping sauce  10

Poutine - Classic - cheese curds and gravy over hand-cut fries  8


Soups and Salads 

Soup of the day - ask your server for selection.  Bowl  4    or Side  2

Cobb Salad - fresh greens, chicken, bacon, hard-boiled egg, avocado, tomato, bell pepper, shredded cheddar  11

Asian Chicken Salad - Fresh greens, chicken, almonds, mandarin orange, crunch chow mein noodles, sesame dressing  11

Garden Salad - Fresh greens, cherry tomato, crisp cucumber, radish, with roasted chick peas  8


Wings - 1 pound of your choice; buffalo, bbq, greek, salt & pepper, honey garlic  12

Rib basket - bone-in breaded pork ribs  12

Chipper Nachos - bell and jalepeno peppers, onions, black olives, nacho cheese, lime jalapeno lime aioli, over a stack of potato chippers  10

Fries - hand cut from fresh potatoes  4

Pita Wedges & Dip - Hot wedges of seasoned pita bread with spinach dip  7

Chippers with Dip - Crispy potato chippers, served with our own "Ridge" dip  7

In addition to our regular menu, we offer a wide variety of Daily Lunch Specials which will be featured in this space.  Please check back often, and plan a lunch date on our deck.


TGI Fridays

It is going to be a great summer for BBQs on our deck...

Friday Night Steak Night returns!

There is something special about relaxing on the deck at Echo Ridge on a warm Saskatchewan evening and enjoying a steak dinner and a nice glass of wine. We are proud when people tell us that they get a craving for our famous "golf course steak." 

Your meal includes a specially seasoned 8 oz. New York Strip Loin Steak, BBQ'd to your specifications, baked potato (or fries), a fresh garden salad, and garlic bread. You can add to your meal with sautéed mushrooms, a skewer of grilled shrimp, and dessert to finish. Along with the usual selections, our beverage service offers a broad selection of wines and imported beer.

This year, we've added to our menu...  Choose from our:

    Classic Steak Dinner (described above)   21

     Wings & Draft Special - 8 wings, fries and a 12 oz glass of Great Western's Original 16 Draft for   10

     Flatbread Pizza - $8

     Steak Frite - a new favourite!  A 5 oz Top Canadian Sirloin, grilled and French Bistro sliced and placed on a peppercorn demi-glace                                       sauce (a reduced beef stock infused with red wine).  Served with a side of fries or baked potato.    15

Finish your meal with one of our mouth-watering desserts - New York Cheese Cake, Apple Crumble, or Hot Brownie Sundae.  Perfect for indulging yourself, or sharing one with a friend!

No reservations are required, or taken, and everyone is welcome!